The College has own hospital accommodated with medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, surgery and pediatrics. Education for clinical practice will be imparted for the students and clinical services will be provided. We have the facility of, OPD, IPD, Operation Theater, ICU, NICU; vaccination etc.

The college has the attached well functioning hospital with a well equipped hospital with following accommodations:-

1. Reception

2. Waiting hall

3. Registration counter/record room.

4. Dispensary, drug store etc.

5. OPD

6. IPD

Examination section –

1. Medical unit.

2. Surgical unit.

3. Gynecological unit.

4. Operation Theatre

5. Intensive care unit

6. Diagnostic laboratory.

7. X-ray room.

8. Physiotherapy room.

9. Night duty & residential facilities.

10. Ambulance